Zena Campbell


Local Government Association

Work Job Title

Payroll Advisor



User Group Role

Council Member


I am the Payroll Advisor for the Local Government Association (LGA) and its associated organisations. Between the organisations there are a total of circa 450 staff using employee self-service and we use Business World for our Finance, HR & Payroll and Expenses. We currently have the Experience packs for both Expenses and Absence.

I have been with the LGA since 2010 and have held a number of different roles with the organisation. I am now managing Payroll function and worked on the upgrade from MS4 to MS6 in January 2017 as well as the move to MS7 in October 2018.

My day job is mainly system focussed and I am keen that we use technology to best effect for HR and Payroll − at the LGA we currently have paperless payroll processing and continue to explore business advantages that we can obtain from Business World.

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