Joined in 2017

Organisation: Square Enix

Work Job Title: Head of Business Systems


Version: MS5

User Group Role: Council Member


I am the Head of Business Systems at Square Enix working within Group Finance, we currently utilise UBW as our primary Business Systems Application in all sites except Japan.

We have been using Agresso/UBW since 1996 utilising a single instance multi-client solution with approx. 500+ users accessing the system in some way or form from Financials to PCB.

I have been working with the product since 2006, developing my understanding at commercial partners like WSP Group and Best Western Hotels and hope to keep learning and improving for many years to come at Square Enix.

My spare time is spent trying to be the best dad I can and playing video games every chance I get which is obviously surprising as I work for a software gaming company!